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Soundproof Your Home with uPVC Windows

An old man with fingers in his ears as if stopping a loud noise

Around 65% of Australians live in capital cities.

Our CBD’s are busting hubs of activities centered around business, restaurants, bars, live music, festivals, sporting events and surrounded by sprawling urban expanses. This means that the majority of us can enjoy the best in cosmopolitan lifestyles the world has to offer but what happens when you just want some peace and quiet? In the hustle and bustle of city life that can be hard to come by. The noise of the traffic, the weekend revelry and the loud pedestrians can become a bit much sometimes.

One way to remedy this situation is by installing uPVC double-glazed windows. uPVC is an alternate form of plastic that is safe, sturdy and durable – it can even help to quieten down your home. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of installing some new windows for your property.

More About uPVC Windows

uPVC has been developed and used within the construction industry for the best part of eighty years and dominate the European market when it comes to windows and doors as the far superior product. They are actually made up of two parts – a specially designed uPVC frame and double-glazed glass panels.

Double-Glazed Windows for Soundproofing

Double-glazed windows are the weapons of choice when it comes to soundproofing your home and can reduce noise pollution by up to 70%. The outer layer of the windows tends to absorb most of the noise pollution from the outside world. There’s also an air gap between the two panes of glass. This gap is home to an inert gas that acts to absorb any extra sound from outside. This is particularly useful for louder sounds such as planes, trucks and loud, raucous music.

All of these features combined mean that by the time a sound from outside reaches to your ears, it has been drastically reduced!

Affordable Noise Insulation

In times gone by, insulating your property against the noise of the outside world was an expensive undertaking. The price tag and the process often meant that people avoided noise insulation. uPVC is a more affordable product and their double-glazed windows have the added benefit of adding value to your home.  This means that uPVC is not only affordable; it can also benefit your bottom line in the long term.

Other Advantages of Noise Reduction Windows

For the Musicians 

If you’re a musician in Sydney, you might know the strain of trying to practice your instrument while keeping your neighbours happy. Sometimes it’s just not possible. Double-glazed windows won’t just dampen exterior noises; they will also contain the noise that’s inside your home. Of course, it might be worth investing in some specialised soundproofing too, but double-glazed windows are a great first step. At the end of a long practice session, your neighbours will be grateful!

Thinking About Upgrading?

Are you considering soundproofing your Sydney property with some uPVC double-glazed windows? Please feel free to get in touch with Mint Windows and Doors. We provide affordable, sustainable soundproofing solutions.

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