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Why uPVC Is Superior To Timber

The interior of a modern looking apartment uPVC is quickly becoming the material of choice for door and window frames among Australian builders and architects.

uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, and it’s a rigid, durable type of chemical compound. There’s no doubt that it is replacing timber, but why? Let’s take a closer look.


Timber windows and door frames generally need a lot of maintenance. They need to get stained, polished and treated regularly to keep them in good condition. On the other hand, uPVC requires next to no maintenance. All you need to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth and some soapy water and they’re clean! How easy is that?

Durability in the Face of Extreme Weather

Timber doesn’t always stand up to the Australian climate. The hot sun, rain and wind can all cause it to fade quickly. This means either retreating or replacing your timber window frames. uPVC is quite a durable material that will easily stand up to the Aussie climate, leaving timber frames well behind.

uPVC Won’t Rot

Speaking of weather, one issue that timber frames often face is rot. While this is sometimes preventable with the right treatment, it’s not even a factor with uPVC. uPVC won’t rot, and could last in a year’s worth of rain if it had to. uPVC also won’t corrode which is a crucial factor considering 90% of Australians live on the coast.

Wind Resistant

While we’re on the topic of wild weather, uPVC is wind resistant. Timber window and door frames tend to rattle the moment a high wind hits your home. uPVC doors and windows come reinforced, and will stay still in a high wind.


uPVC is an eco-friendly material. It takes very little energy to produce and it is 100% recyclable. Timber comes from trees, which are responsible for cleaning our air. Each tree that you cut down is a blow to the environment, so do your part and choose uPVC. The Earth will thank you!


Timber needs painting, which can be a bothersome job. The good thing about uPVC window and door frames is that they come pre-painted in a colour of your choosing. They’re ready to go and will fit in with your décor. Spend the time you would have wasted on painting doing something you love!

Sound Insulation

Timber windows and sliding door frames won’t keep your = home quiet and peaceful. They are poorly insulated for sound, and allow all the hustle and bustle of the outside world inside to invade your comfort. uPVC double-glazed windows are an excellent way to soundproof your home, and far exceed what timber can do.


Timber is a potential feast for termites and other wood-loving bugs. With uPVC, you won’t be making any calls to the pest removal company!


Here at Mint Windows and Doors, we have a range of uPVC windows and doors available. Feel free to check them out, or get in touch with us with any enquiries you may have.

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