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Sydney’s Choice for uPVC Windows and Doors

Mint Window & Door Solutions is all about making it easy for you to make the right choice. When it comes to window and door frames in your home, you don’t have to compromise style to get a versatile and sustainable solution. Make the switch to Deceuninck uPVC windows and doors!

Deceuninck: Bringing Energy Efficient Glass to You

Deceuninck is one of the top 3 players in the European sustainable window and door sector. This company and its products are active in more than 75 countries across Europe, North America and Asia. They approached us in late 2014 with the offer of exclusively supplying uPVC extrusion for Mint to then manufacture and provide for the Australian public. So now we’re bringing it to Sydney!

Our Mission

It is our goal to help Australia build sustainable homes and provide innovative solutions for windows and doors, outdoor living and interiors. Our uPVC windows and doors meet today’s demands for timeless and elegant design, as well as the lowest possible ecological footprint. Our dedicated and experienced team comes from many different industries within manufacturing and construction, so we have the varied knowledge and expertise to bring you the best possible product.

Benefits of uPVC

Deceuninck uPVC doors and windows are energy-efficient options when it’s time to remodel. Not only are they stylish, versatile in design and able to suit any modern or traditional home, but they also carry incredible insulation properties. You’ll save money on heat and air conditioning without even trying.

In terms of other ecological benefits, uPVC does not contain any heavy metals, including lead. This means that by choosing responsibly manufactured products like ours, you are reducing environmental pollution and helping to improve natural living conditions.

Make the responsible decision to switch to uPVC windows and doors in your Sydney home.
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