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Our High-Quality uPVC Products

Mint Window & Door Solutions offer a range of door and window systems that combine groundbreaking technology and materials with timeless design. Thanks to a partnership with Deceuninck we have been able to bring innovative and sustainable solutions to homes in Sydney.

What is uPVC?

uPVC stands for ‘Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride.’ It is also known as rigid PVC because it is quite hard and sturdy. This material is also very safe, as it doesn’t contain any phthalates or BPA. uPVC is used for anything from mouthguards to plumbing, so you know that it is durable enough to be used as window and door frames.

Benefits of uPVC Products

Our uPVC windows and door frames are very sought after for many reasons. The main one is that it is incredibly durable and long-lasting, with an uncanny ability to stand up to the harsh Australian climate. uPVC isn’t fazed by salty air or UV rays, bush fires or scratches. It never warps, fades, cracks or scuffs, and it is incredibly low maintenance.

uPVC windows are also a great benefit for the Australian who wants to build a sustainable home. uPVC doors and windows have thermal and sound insulation properties, which will help you to keep the heat in during the winter and out during the summer, saving you in electricity bills and ecological costs.

In addition, since our uPVC products are so long-lasting, you won’t have to worry about the environmental impacts of manufacturing replacements. Our products provide years of quality service, after which they can be fully recycled.

Innovation Meets Style

Making the ecologically responsible choice about your window and door frames doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice any style. On the contrary, our uPVC products are designed to fit beautifully into your contemporary or traditional home. They come in a range of nature-inspired colours, as well as in a number of configurations, from sliding to bi-fold.

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