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Sliding Doors for Outdoor Living

When you live somewhere as beautiful as Sydney, you want to make it as easy as possible to enjoy your outdoor living space. Our innovative glass wall technology makes it that much easier. We can customise our sliding doors to suit your lifestyle and space. Blur the lines between inside and outside with Mint’s uPVC sliding doors.

Effortless Space and Style

Our smoothly sliding doors serve to create a vast amount of unimaginable space in your home. They combine an inviting contemporary character with a comforting glass wall ambiance to transform any ordinary room. Have a simpler and more effective control over light, air and freedom of movement with these uPVC doors.

Incredible Features

Not only do our doors look great in any environment, they also come in a variety of colour finishes, inspired by nature. Using the latest insulation technology, they provide the perfect barrier to the outside when closed, keeping out cold and hot air, as well as sound.

All of our sliding exterior doors and patio doors feature:

  • Custom door opening widths
  • Up to 6 movable elements can be arranged in any desired combination.
  • Ball-bearing roller gives smooth running door frames

A Sustainable Home

It is our goal to deliver a more sustainable door solution to your home. By choosing to make the switch to uPVC sliding doors, you are choosing environmental sustainability and benefits.

The high insulation properties deliver excellent energy performances, which means you can rely on the doors to regulate the temperature in your house rather than your heating and cooling system. This will save you money and energy waste.

In addition, uPVC is a material that is made without any heavy metal additives, such as lead. In its manufacturing alone, uPVC windows are better for the environment than any other kind because they contribute less to air pollution.

Get to know the benefits of Deceuninck uPVC sliding doors intimately by installing them in your contemporary or traditional Sydney home. Call us today on 02 8315 4374, or get a FREE online quote now.
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