Top 10 Myths & Misconceptions of uPVC Windows and Doors
20 Dec 2016

Unfortunately, not everyone is as excited about the benefits of uPVC windows and doors as we are. We love uPVC because it’s a great choice of material for your renovation or building project. It provides insulation and soundproofing and is...

Transparency & Patterns in uPVC Windows & Doors
06 Dec 2016

There aren’t many products out there that can claim to improve insulation, be easy to maintain and have a low environmental impact. There are even fewer products that come in an appealing range of patterns and styles. However, uPVC windows...

Why uPVC Is Superior To Timber
22 Nov 2016

uPVC is quickly becoming the material of choice for door and window frames among Australian builders and architects. uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, and it’s a rigid, durable type of chemical compound. There’s no doubt that it is replacing...

How Does the Sun and Weather Affect uPVC Windows?
08 Nov 2016

uPVC windows are a great investment for your home. Double glazed windows offer great noise reduction, making them ideal for people living in populated areas. They are also environmentally friendly products – they are completely recyclable and sustainably produced. But...

uPVC Maintenance and Durability
17 Oct 2016

Are you unhappy with your current windows and doors? Tired of maintaining timber that’s prone to peeling, rotting and wear? Or maybe your aluminium frames are heating up your home. If you’re looking for an upgrade, uPVC may just be...

Reduce Greenhouse Emissions With uPVC
27 Sep 2016

Homeowners are becoming increasingly eco-conscious, and for good reason. Climate change is real and we’re already starting to experience its effects. This means that it has never been more important to reduce your carbon footprint. But exactly how do you...

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