Double Glazed Sliding Doors in Sydney

Double Glazed Sliding Doors in Sydney

Just as double glazed single doors offer a wealth of advantages for residential and commercial properties, so too can double glazed sliding doors offer many benefits. With the ability to block out unwanted noise and maintain cooler room temperatures in summer and warmer room temperatures in winter, double glazing is a good choice for both the environment and the family budget. When you’re looking for installation of double glazed sliding doors in Sydney, turn to the professionals at Mint Window & Door Solutions. Our experienced team will be able to install environmentally friendly, double glazed PVC doors in Sydney that provide benefits for the environment as well as your wallet.

Key Advantages of Installing New Double Glazed Sliding Doors

Among the numerous benefits you can enjoy by having double glazed sliding doors installed in your Sydney home are:

  • Improved insulation so you don’t have to rely on your heater or air conditioner as much.
  • Bigger savings on energy bills due to reduced reliance on heating and cooling.
  • Reduced noise levels due to the doubled thickness of your sliding doors.
  • Environmentally friendly – All materials used in the manufacture and installation of double glazed sliding doors, from the glass to the uPVC frames, can be easily recycled.
  • Can be done at any time – Installation of your sliding doors doesn’t need to be done when the house is built; they can be installed at any time!

How Does Double Glazing Work?

Up to 40% of heat energy can be lost through single panelled windows or glass doors. With double glazed sliding doors, you can retain that heat energy much easier, meaning less reliance on expensive heating and cooling appliances. But how does double glazing work? This type of doors, or windows, are two panes of glass with a sealed gap no thicker than 12mm2. The gaps between energy efficient windows and doors are filled with a gas, usually argon, which improves the insulation between the two glass panes.

Because glass is a willing conductor, without the protection of double glazing, any heat energy tends to pass straight through the window. However, as air is a poor conductor of heat, the trapped air between the two glass panes initiates a protection of sorts that has cooler air on one side and warmer air on the other.

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Benefits of Double-Glazing Your Sliding Doors

Double-glazed French doors are popular for many reasons—here are just a few.

Energy Efficiency

Compared to single-paned glass doors, our double-glazed French doors provide superior insulation. Double-glazed doors can keep cold air in and hot air out in the summer.

You can expect a significant drop in your annual utility bills by keeping hot air in and cold air out during the harsh Australian winters.

Reduce Noise Reduction by up to 75%

Living in the city can be overwhelming, especially when attempting to drown out disruptive city noises. Double-glazed doors boast impeccable noise resistance and can cut down loud ambient sounds by up to 75%.

Ultimately, installing our double-glazed doors in your home can provide peace of mind and unbeatable comfort if you live in a busy area.

Improved Home Security

Double-glazed panels are more resilient than they look. The presence of added layers makes them more difficult to shatter, helping to keep unwanted intruders out of your home.


Contrary to popular belief, uPVC doors are highly affordable. Not to mention, they require very little maintenance and can reduce your annual utility bills by the hundreds.

Increased Home Value

Investing in home improvements such as uPVC doors and windows will add value to your home by visually improving it. The bonus of being more energy efficient also helps to increase its resale value significantly.

Reduced Condensation and Mould

Every homeowner knows the horrors of moisture and mould trapped within your property and the damage it can cause. Leave damp spots unattended, and you could end up dealing with an infestation of mould or mildew.  uPVC allows you to easily wipe the condensation off your double-glazed doors and not worry about leaks or related damage.

How to Improve Double-Glazing Efficiency

While double-glazed doors are energy efficient on their own, there are a few ways to further improve their overall efficiency, such as:

  • Using thermal curtains: Whether you live in a hotter or cooler area, thermal curtains can help retain heat or cold as necessary.
  • Adding insulating foam: Applying insulating foam around your framing can reduce drafts and keep your home warm during the winter.


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