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At Mint Windows we are here to make the process from ordering the windows right through the completion of installation as easy and stress free as possible! We are fully qualified tradesman and every thing is completed by Mint windows and doors so we can keep quality control to the highest of standards.

Replacing windows and doors

  • Book in an initial site meeting where I will personally come out and we will go through what you want and if we can achieve it.
  • I will then submit a quote ASAP for you to review and then get in contact if you have any questions regarding the quote and window schedule
  • Usually clients like to come to our showroom to have a look at the products and options. We also custom manufacture all the windows and door here as well.
  • If we agree on the quote then my partner Nathan and myself will come out and do a Final check measure and go through step by step the process from start to finish so everyone is on the same page. A lead time will also be established
  • A contract will be sent over and signed then we will order materials and manufacture windows and doors in our factory.
  • The windows will be delivered and the installation will commence with average installation lasting the windows will be delivered and the installation will commence. We take 1-2 windows out at a time and then install the new windows and then glaze them. We will not leave you with a hole in the wall over night.
  • Depending on the job we are happy replace the existing timber work with new reveals and architraves of your choice or if you want to leave the timber work in to reduce cost we are happy for that option as well.


When supplying windows and doors to a new build or renovation the process is slightly different. The sizes will be confirmed by the builder/architect through a window schedule or we will come and check measure if that what is requested.

For new build we usually supply the who job unglazed with timber reveals attached and the builder will then install the units. Once installed we will get the glass delivered to site when requested by the builder and glaze the job and adjust anything that needs adjusting.

For new builds we are also happy to supply and install the job as well that is not a problem

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Mint Window & Door Solutions is all about making it easy for you to make the right choice. When it comes to window and door frames in your home.

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