The Benefits of uPVC Doors

The Benefits of uPVC Doors

21 Apr 2021

The Benefits Of Upvc Doors

If you’ve recently been looking into uPVC windows and doors in Sydney, chances are you’re enticed by their durability, cost-effectiveness, and security, among other things. With that in mind, uPVC double-glazed doors in Sydney are a relatively new concept.

If you are already familiar with timber and aluminum doors, here is what you need to know about uPVC doors and how they can benefit your residential or commercial property.


What Are uPVC Doors?

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) doors are a rigid property fixture manufactured without any chemical additives. Creating a uPVC door involves encasing an insulated steel frame in the material, then sealing the unit to create a thermally efficient product.

How Long Do uPVC Doors Last?

Since infiltrating the Australian market, uPVC doors have become the most in-demand and highest-quality available to property owners. Part of their allure is in how long they last.

While there is no straightforward answer to how long you can maintain a uPVC door, these durable fixtures will likely last you upwards of 30 years.

The installation plays a vital role in determining how long your uPVC doors last. Without the correct sizing or fitting, uPVC doors become less efficient and have a lower life expectancy.

Why You Should Install uPVC Doors

There are countless benefits to installing uPVC doors in your home or office, which include the following.

They Are Safe & Secure

uPVC is a durable material that is exceptionally challenging to shatter. When paired with customisable multi-point locking mechanisms, uPVC doors can make it very difficult for trespassers to enter your property.

They Come in an Expansive Range of Designs

If you are particular about your home aesthetic, uPVC doors are highly customisable and come in various styles and colours. You can finish your uPVC door with woodgrain effects or incorporate more elaborate designs such as Victorian bevels.

You don’t have to limit a uPVC door to your entryway. You can easily incorporate a uPVC opening on your patio, perfectly placed to capture natural sunlight. By marrying fashion and durability, installing a uPVC door in your home can instantly increase its equity.

They Improve Insulation

We all know how unbearable Australian summers and winters can get. A uPVC door’s ability to keep the heat out and the cold in—or vice versa—makes for an attractive selling point.

During harsh winters, the uPVC material retains heat within its frames while preventing dampness from forming on your walls. By lowering your home’s overall humidity, your walls are less likely to develop bubbles, leaks, and mould growths. This mechanism can prove beneficial for family members who suffer from allergies.

Similarly, uPVC doors also do an excellent job of keeping heat out. Thanks to their UV-resistant properties, homeowners need not keep vulnerable furniture directly out of the sunlight. With a uPVC fixture, there is no risk of them fading.

They Require Virtually No Maintenance

Unlike natural materials such as timber or aluminum, uPVC does not require any sanding, re-varnishing, or re-painting. In most cases, a wipe-down with soap and water will suffice for this type of material.

uPVC is also rot, corrosion, and salt erosion resistant. If you regularly deal with pests, you won’t have to worry about termites or other invasive insects infiltrating your uPVC door.

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They Are Weather Resistant

Australia is notorious for its extreme and unpredictable climatic changes. In particular, its bushfires can prove extremely devastating to entire regions.

If you reside in an area prone to forest fires and high winds, fire-retardant uPVC doors can keep flames from spreading. In case of a fire incident, uPVC doors with a bushfire rating of BAL40 can keep your primary exit route clear for up to half an hour.

uPVC materials are also non-reactive to elements such as water and air. Thus, heavy rains will not disrupt longevity or cause your door to chip and stain.

They Help You Save Money

Compared to traditional materials such as wood or metal, uPVC is not as costly as either. Because they are impressively durable, uPVC doors will hardly require maintenance or repair costs, if at all.

Considering their ability to keep heat in or out, uPVC doors can also provide immediate energy savings, cutting down your energy bills by the hundreds every year.

They Keep Unwanted Noises Out

If you live in a busy suburb, uPVC double-glazed sliding doors in Sydney provide highly efficient noise cancellation. uPVC materials can isolate over 70% of disturbing noises such as traffic and outdoor commotion like aircraft traffic.

If you enjoy your private time, uPVC doors can help provide peace and comfort.

They Provide High-Quality Ventilation

uPVC systems function in a tilt and turn fashion, which allows for opening in two directions. This mechanism pushes hot air out from up top and funnels cool air in from the sides.

During hot Australian summers, ventilation becomes a pressing issue for thousands of households. Being able to open your door or window via tilt and turn configuration helps refresh and clean your space.

They Are Easily Recyclable

You might be wondering what happens to your uPVC door when it’s time for a replacement. Though relatively new to the country, many Australian initiatives repurpose uPVC off-cuts into various home fixtures such as floor tiles, plumbing pipes, and more. So uPVC is a great environmentally friendly choice to make.

The Bottom Line

UPVC door and window installations are becoming increasingly popular in Australia for a reason. Many property owners are looking into uPVC options as a means to increase energy savings, improve home equity, and keep their families safe.

If you’ve been contemplating installing uPVC double-glazed doors in Sydney, speak to Mint Window and Door Solutions for the right advice. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide state-of-the-art engineered locking technologies to families across Australia for reasonable prices.

Contact us today to find out how we can improve your residential or commercial property.


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